The Dream Shop (pipeline to be determined within 3 years)

Annie Maggie’s is a family and locally owned online boutique, operated by Anne Margaret Thompson. Anne brings with her over 20 years of passion in making gift baskets and more for all to enjoy and gain inspiration and serves the local area of South Lebanon and surrounding areas.

I am committed to offer only the finest Gift Baskets, Christmas Ornaments, Doll Clothes, Bookmarks and more for any occasion.

Because all of my family & friends are important to me, I am dedicated to making your experience a pleasant one.

I will go that extra mile to make your gift, perfect for that special someone in your life .Let Annie Maggie’s be your first choice for loved one’s Gift needs.

Often times we hold onto gifts of ornaments (my favorite type of gift) that represent a memory of a person, place or time in our lives that we hold close to our hearts. Everyone loves to give and receive gifts; whether it be birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or another precious day.

Gifts give people the ability to express their love, friendship and enthusiasm for others.

I believe that in today’s world many people truly appreciate and love handmade gifts. The gifts I make are a result of hard work, time, and creativity. I like to ensure the big day is all the more special by giving the recipient something truly memorable, sentimental and an heirloom that they will never forget and will look back on with love and memories.

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to making a handmade gift with love for someone you care for. Baking cookies, cupcakes, breads, muffins, crafting beautiful jewelry, and crocheting blankets or clothing are just a few examples of gifts that can be made from scratch.

While handmade gifts are so wonderful for the recipient, they are also a beautiful experience for the giver as well. People who make their own crafts and give them to others are sharing their talents along with expressing their love for the people they give the gift to.

For me it is a therapeutic way to spend my free time while creating presents for others. Some people will also make their homemade gifts and then sell them to others to give. Handmade gifts created with love are very unique and rare which means the recipient will not have anything like it.

It also helps to guarantee that you will not end up giving them something they have already gotten or don’t want. It is an heirloom to be treasured for years to come and a way to pass along a gift with a true sentimental value that will forever always be cherished.

My handmade gifts are simple, expressive, creative and individual in ways that most store bought items are not. Each gift is personalized and with a loving touch.

The gifts can be made so that it matches the receiver’s home décor or they can be personalized with names or initials

Little touches make the present interesting and unique and the benefit of giving handmade gifts is that you can teach the person who receives the gift how to make one for themselves. Annie Maggie’s desire is to bring happiness into the lives of our customers. Our heirloom gifts are designed to bring a smile to your face every time you look at your gift. Annie Maggie’s whimsical approach to texture, pattern, color, and design results in our products truly being expressive made with you in mind, instilling bliss to make your heart and soul swell with love and a smile. Our products are made to remind you that you are smart, fun, stylish and always should be 100% true to yourself.

I know that you have a choice in shopping big or small. My business is very small and it is mine. It is a part of my family. When you purchase from me, you are becoming a part of my family and it is my sincere hope that you and your loved ones will smile just like at Christmas when one of my packages arrives at your doorstep.