Hello and Welcome to my blurbs about anything and everything that I am passionate about.

This site was created and founded as a resource for others who are looking to simplify their lives to create a harmonious and peaceful way of living through the physical, emotional, and spiritual plane of existence.

My site is dedicated to raising the awareness of nutrition, fitness, illness, health, wellness and work/life balance issues for improving your mind, body, spirit in your daily life.

  • I believe if we live real, it keeps us grounded
  • I believe if we live simple, we have less clutter in our lives
  • I believe if we live healthy, we ultimately feel great
  • I believe if you live for you, you are finally putting yourself first

My most precious gift in the world is my son Michael, he is all grown up with a good career and living in another state. Yes I dearly miss him everyday as I don’t see him much anymore, but happy that he is doing what he loves and living life to the fullest!

My other loves include my pet babies; Emily Josephine who is now in heaven, Josephine Noelle and Henry Joseph (also in heaven), Oliver Sampson and Ruby Georgina who are all still with me today.

I am very passionate about reading, music, and movies. Often times I will curl up in my big comfy recliner light a few candles and read a good book for hours on end. Once I start a book, I do not usually put it down until it is read all the way through.

It boils down to being just a good ole country girl…or as others have told me unforgettable, unique, and unusual with a talent for expressing my opinion, testing theories and ultimately researching and reading for hours on the internet for the very topics I am interested in and write about.

Pretty much in a nutshell…I am just a working girl dealing with the daily insanity between balancing home, Epilepsy, and work life while trying to keep it all together smiling!

So dolls, why don’t you pull up a chair and by all means stay awhile and oh don’t forget to make yourself a cup of coffee or hot tea while you are visiting.

I do so much appreciate your wonderful visit, so please message and comment and feel free to visit time and time again.

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