finding pleasure in the smallest things in life

I was born and grew up in Ohio and still live here for the last…oh all my life. I work full time and spend the remainder of my time sewing, designing and writing. I have created this site to be a space that is truly my own.

A place to share my thoughts, my challenges, my successes. A place where I can develop my own creativity and indulge my love of sewing and crafting, inspiring others to delve into their inner souls and let creativity shine.

I create and work with a lot of passion, energy {ok, I am super hyper at times and other times take naps at the end of the day, but kick ass the next day}, and make it my personal goal to inspire others to think bigger and bolder.

I consider myself fortunate to have grown up surrounded by handmade and homegrown things. When I think back to my childhood my mom made clothes for us on her sewing machine, and my grandma forever always mending my favorite stuffed cat that I still have today.

Over the years I have learned a lot about parenting, sewing, life, myself, and how I want to live and what is important to me. I’ve discovered that doing something creative can not only leave you feeling refreshed but can actually soothe your soul in a way that little else does.

I have found that taking time out, slowing down a little and allowing your mind to wander while creating handmade heirlooms gives one the opportunity to reflect on the day, and wonder what the future holds. It gives me a chance to focus on the good and bad, the smiles, the achievements, the kind gestures – all those small things that make being who I am and what an amazing and precious person I am to all who know and love me.

I have a deep interest in sustainability and in trying to return to a simpler lifestyle. I believe that sewing is a beautiful and fun way to begin to reconnect with that lifestyle.

These days we live in a throwaway society and I want to encourage people to get back into the ‘mend and make do’ attitude that our grandparents held and to be proud of the creativity that this new mental attitude will nurture.

I believe that if we focus on the really important things in life – family and relationships and nature – then we will begin to see that it truly is the smallest things in life that give us the greatest pleasure.

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