Annie Maggie’s is an All In One boutique offering virtual assistant services, eventual crafts along with articles I write that peak my interest.

The goal of this site is not necessary to make money (but is nice I earn a little on the side to supplement my income for the little extras in life such as hosting for my blog); but to be an inspiration to others, letting them know they are not alone, that there are other people out there with similar circumstances.

As you will notice, I pull examples from my own life, not all details are shared obviously however still have been through so much myself and I know the rollercoaster of emotions, thoughts, feelings including frustration, unable to control circumstances, even having dealt with anger and many days and nights of crying and depression.

What keeps me going at the end of the day, is my faith and hope in the Lord, if it wasn’t for that, who knows where I would be now even as I am facing more struggles currently and seems to be neverending, though I see it as a blessing to help encourage, motivate and inspire others.

With life, sometimes curve balls just happen, choices and decisions are made and your path will often times take you on a different journey.

The key point whether you are visiting for my stories, looking for a virtual assistant or custom made gifts, you are here looking for something and my hope is that if I can be an inspiration to just one person, then my job is done.

Someday I will write my life story…

Embrace Your Dreams, Find Your Bliss Through the Storms of Life.

Have a lovely day my loyal fans!