The majority of us remember growing up hearing our parents, caregivers, etc saying to us to stop crying and to get up after falling down and slightly getting hurt or losing a favorite toy, and so the list goes on of examples.

They were trying to teach us that accidents happen and there is no need to cry your eyes out over something so small and insignificant.

Nevertheless, to us as children that little something is a big deal.

What about when we are adults and something causes us to cry?

  • Are we not supposed to shed tears?
  • Are we not supposed to show emotion?
  • Are we not strong enough to deal with the hurts that keep us from crying?

Often times we have grown up being told it is not good to cry. However, research has shown that there are potential benefits to crying. Crying releases tears which wets the eyes and keeps them moist. Crying provides a catharsis that allows the body to release toxins.

Sometimes after crying, a person can feel relieved and refreshed. It is a natural response when coping with pain and grief. Crying is known to release endorphins that make us happy. This is why we feel better after we cry.

From personal experience, I whole-heartedly agree with crying and the health benefits it offers.

I cried when my grandma passed away in November 2006 and when my grandpa passed away in December 2007.

This just tore at my very soul for I was very close to them and to this day, still cry from time to time, when I think of them or look at pictures of them.

I cried when my ex left, when I suddenly realized my marriage failed and it was not going to be until death do us part and a few other hurts along the way.

All of us at one point or another can remember a time when we have cried for various reasons.

To this day, I still cry…but know much of it has to do with my unbalanced hormones!

My son can testify to this.

Females are the ones who usually cry the most. Males usually do not cry as much for they are taught from a young age that it is not “macho” or “manly” to cry.

However, I disagree as I feel females and males included should have a good cry from time to time and feel free to express their pain. This is how God has made us with emotions.

If we keep it in and never express it, it will build up, one day explodes, and honestly, I really do not want all those tears falling on me at once, I will be soaked through to my very own skin as will the rest of us like on a rainy day!

Therefore, my dear friends, enjoy a good cry, never apologize for crying and ultimately, you will feel much better, refreshed and glad to be alive and a human being with emotions unlike robots which cannot cry or at least they do not yet!

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

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