For some people, snacks can be their greatest downfall, for others it can be a key to their good health and nutrition. Snacking is not good or bad, it is what a person chooses to eat that can either be good or bad.

Exercise weight can be a problem for older adults. Metabolism slows medications, illness, stress, calorie and nutrient consumption drops quite dramatically for older adults.

This is usually a result of limited ability to get and prepare healthy meals, lack of enjoyment in meals, and decreased appetite. This occurs more often in individuals over the age of 65, but also can show up in individuals who are younger and may have a chronic illness that triggers it.

A low intake of calories, nutrients, and protein can lead to unintentional weight loss, functional decline, and early death.According to recent research, studies suggest that snacking may play a key role in maintaining people’s nutritional status.Snacks can help anyone who is facing long intervals between regular meals.

This helps in maintaining blood sugar issues and lessening the hunger, which in turn prevents overeating at regular meals.

If a person chooses to eat snacks or crackers, cookies or ice cream, these will help ease the hunger temporarily and give a quick energy boost, though do not offer nutritional benefits compared to eating a piece of fruit or vegetable.

In addition, carbohydrate rich foods can leave a person feeling much worse than better.If a person chooses to eat a piece of fruit for their snack, this is good for one the sugar in fruit is absorbed more slowly and will provide an hour or two of energy for the majority of people.

If you want energy that is more enduring then try a snack containing protein such as yogurt, raisins, cup of bean soup, fruit with string cheese or peanut butter with whole wheat crackers.

The key to eating snacks is to choose healthy and wise snacks. Depending on one’s choice for snacks, snacks often have high amounts of calories and not enough nutrients. Scones and muffins, for example have 400 to 600 calories each.

This can equate to maybe three or four pieces of bread with a few taps of butter on top. Since the majority of Americans do not eat right, they often do not meet the nutritional recommendations of five servings a day of fruits and vegetables and three whole grains daily.

Snacks offer the chance to up increase the daily nutritional recommendations for Americans.

Last tip of the day, whenever hungry after a snack, do not reach for more food, try drinking an 8-ounce glass of water, if you are full after drinking and your hunger is gone, all your body needed was water.

Many Americans do not drink enough water; water is needed by our bodies to keep us hydrated and flood toxins out.

Always remember to eat healthy snacks and drink plenty of water.

Your body will thank you for it and you will feel refreshed with renewed energy and vigor.

Image by Aline Ponce from Pixabay

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