Binge eating disorder is a relative new diagnosed condition, not to be confused with anorexia or bulimia, but falls into the eating disorders category.

Binge eating currently affects millions of people. What happens is people go through bouts of where they frequently consume large amounts of food while emotionally feeling a loss of control over their food consumption.

For some of us, we have a tendency to overeat from time to time. This is normal and there are causes why we do this. For example, depression, inactivity, mood changes, hormonal fluctuations are triggers.

Please do not confuse eating a large amount of food with binge eating. Below are just a few behaviors like symptoms, which may be binge, eating for some people:

  • Frequent episodes of eating what others would consider an abnormally large amount of food
  • Frequent feelings of being unable to control what you eat
  • Eating much more rapidly than usual
  • Eating until you are uncomfortably full
  • Eating large amounts of food when not hungry
  • Eating alone
  • Feelings of disgust, guilt or depression after overeating

Binge eating can show up in persons with the eating disorder bulimia, in this case they purge what they eat using laxatives or forced vomiting. Binge eating is more common in women than men are and more than likely affects 2 percent of adults. Research has found that this eating disorder is common in persons with severe obesity.

Depression appears to be a contributing factor in persons with binge eating disorder. According to research, it is unclear if depression is a cause or effect. People have reported that sadness, boredom, anger, anxiety and other negative emotions can trigger an episode.

There are complications with binge eating disorder. These diseases accompany obesity. They include diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, gallbladder disease, certain types of cancer and heart disease.

For persons with this disorder, it has affected their lives by causing them to miss work, school or social activities as they binge eat.

Some people often feel bad about him or herself as a person, are preoccupied with their appearance, feel ashamed, and often try to hide their problem.

Some are very successful at hiding this condition from family and close friends.

The best thing for persons living with this condition is to seek out help from their medical healthcare provider.

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