For the majority of us, we have at least one bad habit we would love to get rid of. Adopting a healthy habit and saying goodbye to a bad habit can be challenging for it is about making a long-term commitment. Some of us just are not good at making commitments, it is a struggle, and however, it can be done.

When a person decides to make a change it takes real courage, consistency, support, realism and a willingness to discover underlying issues that triggered the bad habit to begin with. There is always a root cause to problems in life.

The first step in saying goodbye to a bad habit is to not punish you. Shame and guilt are poor motivators. We all have bad habits, we just need to accept ourselves and realize that we can make some, healthy and positive changes in our lives.You, should never beat yourself up for having unhealthy habits, you are only human.

Control your thoughts. You are in charge of your thoughts twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. You can choose to focus on the negative or the positive. Think of one positive thought a day and focus on that, you will then learn that you will have the most important tool for reinventing yourself.

Stay aware of your goals and limit your old conditioning limits from your past, family, or friends that have been imposed upon you.

Did you know there is one constant in your life and your plans everyday?

This one constant is you. When you make a commitment to reinvent one area of your life, make sure you keep it. It may be a struggle, but with support and a determination for reinvention, you can do it. Moreover, when you follow through, you will gain the respect of others.

Now to stay focused, write down the healthy habit you have decided to incorporate into your daily life. Read it every day to remind yourself of your commitment to change, tape it to a mirror, desk, car dashboard, etc. to keep you focused on your new, healthy behavior.

Next, you need to seriously watch your attitude. Attitude affects everything. If you are negative, it will show through, just like when you are positive it shows through. Try to be conscious of your thoughts and attitude when facing tasks and expect a good result instead of a bad result.

Choose a wise support system. Having friends, family and mentors who will cheer you on consistently and regularly are the ones you will desire as part of your support system. Think about it…if you have someone in your circle who is not supportive of your reinvention, and all they do is tearing you down, you are ultimately hurting yourself.

Remember to reaffirm your desires, commitments, and goals. Say each one aloud at least once a day that is positive and will give you the feeling of well-being.

Upon awakening, use visual imagery of what a good day will be like. If you visualize a good day every day, chances are you eventually will see less of bad days. Even though some unfortunate things do happen, you can handle them with, this is just part of life, such as a blown tire, the electric went out, type of stuff. Eventually, it all works again.

Another step is act as if you have achieved your goal. This will keep you motivated in adopting a new healthy habit. Be the person you want to be in your behavior, attitude, and words. You will start to see a new person and so will others.

As the old saying goes: “take one step at a time”. A person, who has chosen to reinvent him or her, cannot change over night. It takes time to develop a new and healthy habit.

At the end of the day, review your day by sitting quietly and reflecting how well you did in taking strides towards your goal. Then ask yourself what you can do better, or how you could have handled the situation better. This prepares you to be consistent on a daily basis and achieve your goal much sooner than if you let the negatives in and just give up.

Always remember to eat healthy and exercise, these two things are just as important when deciding to change your life on an emotional level, you still have to take care of the physical body.

Make sure your life is balanced emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Eliminate the words “I’ll try” from your vocabulary. Instead, choose words like: “I will do it” as positive reinforcement.

In life face your obstacles, avoiding them does not solve the problems. Look at the bigger picture for your life instead of the little picture. Practice your new, healthy habit regularly. Finally, continue pressing on.

As with any change towards a healthier lifestyle, it does not always have to be diet and exercise, it is only part, but an important part of a healthy lifestyle. There are emotional and spiritual needs that have to be retooled in a more productive, positive, and healthier lifestyle to be fully balanced and whole.

Image by Susanne Jutzeler, suju-foto from Pixabay

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