Once upon a time I was a parent of a teenager, I had discovered that my son actually would sometimes listen to music while doing homework.


Not really, for as a teen at one point, I did the same thing and my parents thought it was not a good thing, though actually it was.

The question is why was it a good thing?

The reason is the music had a calming effect and helped to block out everything around me and I was better able to focus on my studies, relax, and concentrate.

With my son, it is the same thing. Therefore, I do allow my son to listen to music while doing his homework for the very same reasons I did.

Now you all are probably thinking what type of music?

From research, my personal experience, and my son’s experience, it is not usually the fast beat and rhythm of music it is the slower beat and rhythm that helps to relax the mind for some.

Studies have shown that music can change the way brain waves work and in some cases it helps the brains of some individuals focus on a particular subject or project.

The brain does not listen to the words; it listens to the melody and rhythm.It has been proven that listening to calm music can have an everlasting effect on short-term and long-term memory that can help a person retain information.

If I were to listen to a faster beat and rhythm, I would want to get up and move, in an instance that is fine when running, walking or working out. It gets your blood pumping.

However, for homework it did not help.Some music types are Classical, Christmas, New Age, and Soft Rock have been instrumental when working with homework and a person needs something to block out other sounds.

In reality, not every child who is doing homework will be able to listen to music as for some silence is better than sound. It just really depends on the type of person.

In most cases, a child will usually follow in his or her parent’s way of studying as my son has followed in my case.

Therefore, parents please do not say no to music when you first catch them listening to it while studying. If you or your spouse did this when at the same age and it helped, then I would allow it as long as grades are not affected.

Otherwise, if grades are affected, then as any good parent will do, take it away during homework time.

A parent usually knows what is best for their child, but remember you were a teenager at one time and picture yourself in your teen’s shoes as us parents often times forget those long ago memories of teenage life.

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