When we think of our home environment, how many of us actually think about possible items in our homes being potentially harmful?

Here we have home sweet home, yet discover germs from the kitchen to our bedroom, to items we use everyday without giving it a second thought.Here are some of these items that are considered potentially harmful and tips on what you can do to prevent the spread of germs.

The first item is the infamous kitchen sponge. According to research, it has been found that right now your kitchen sponge probably holds at least twenty million microbes.

This news flash probably grosses you out as it does me.

However, it is a reality.

To kill germs in your infamous kitchen sponge, either run it in a dishwasher or microwave it on high for at least one minute. These two ways kill 99.9% of the germs. Using bleach or other cleaning products does not kill the germs as effectively.

Bedbugs have recently begun to rise and are becoming a major health problem.

Make sure to check the crevices of your mattress, if you find them, and then buy some cleaning products specifically to get rid of them as if you do for lice. If you travel regularly or just come back from a trip, check your luggage also, since hotels from the not so nice to the luxurious hotels are finding problems with bedbugs. Make sure to wash all your clothing before wearing again and storing in your home.The next item on the list is your laptop.

Say what?

That is right, my dear folks. The thought going through your heads is how this would be possible when I am really the only one who uses it.

Think it about it; do you clean your computer or laptop keyboard?

Most would say no.

Myself, I clean my computer weekly and if I am sick then I wipe it down daily to prevent the spread of germs. To clean a keyboard, just use disinfecting wipes and make sure to turn the keyboard or laptop upside down and shake out the dirt that is often times found under the keys.

It might surprise you how much dirt and germs get under those little keys we use.Next on the list is your shower curtain.

Check your shower curtain label to see if it is vinyl or PVC. If PVC is listed, then you may want to buy a different shower curtain that is vinyl or made without the chemical PVC. There has been some concern in the health field about the long-term exposure risks to PVC.

Another item is your laundry. Most of us to none of us have thought about their washing machine as a germ magnet.

This is where our clothing gets clean. If you are using a public washing machine and / or the water is not hot enough, do not count on your clothing being clean and germ free. Lower water temperatures can possibly spread the germs.

When laundering, make sure the water temperature is at least 155 degrees, launder whites using bleach, launder towels separately from whites.

Next is a humidifier. If you use one, make sure to clean it several times a week. If you do not, you can easily cause germs to grow that can trigger respiratory illnesses.

Doorknobs are another breeding ground for harmful bacteria.

Make sure to wipe down with disinfecting wipes daily or spray with Lysol daily to kill new and lingering bacteria.Salt and Pepper shakers are another possibility. How often do you clean yours?

Some maybe never have.

Make sure to wipe them down with sanitizing cleaner and wash your hands frequently.

Before refilling the shakers, run them through the dishwasher before next use.

This way you know you will kill any lurking, harmful bacteria.

Here is to staying healthy on all fronts.

Image by Cristina Mantovani from Pixabay

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