For many people, eating healthy is becoming more important these days with the rise in obesity problems, disease, and medical conditions. When eating healthy do you really eat healthy or do you actually have healthy food, but then top the healthy food with not so healthy toppings to flavor the bland taste of healthy food?

In my research I ran across a couple of articles and started thinking about it and realized when out I sometimes see people order a salad and then add dressing and croutons to make it eatable by adding flavor. Most people will not eat a salad plain without their favorite dressing and croutons.

Therefore, when looking at the bigger picture, yes the lettuce, carrot slices, tomatoes, and almonds are all healthy but when you top it off with dressing and croutons, you are turning a healthy food into a non-healthy food.

When your healthy food turns into a non-healthy food, you are doing your body a disgrace. You are adding extra calories to your diet and losing the nutritional properties of the healthy food.

Many times, people do not realize they are doing this and so the challenge is the next time you order a salad for example, try it plain or if you have to have some flavoring then use olive oil as a light dressing and see how you like it. You really might surprise yourself how well the healthy food actually tastes without the extra flavors.

Most people today are more conscious of healthy eating, though some accidentally undermine their healthy eating with extras. Keep in mind that yes, you are buying healthy foods and that is the number one key towards eating healthy, but it is the toppings, sauces, dips, extras that make your healthy diet unhealthy and look good.

Other reasons people undermine without realizing the damage they are doing is many of us grew up with family recipes that included heavy sauces, dips, flavorings, etc. and it all tasted good.

Honestly, people can change family recipes to be more healthy just alter the recipe to a more healthy version by using farm, fresh vegetables and fruits, frozen vegetables from the grocery store and last but not least organic foods if available in your area from a whole foods market store.

The most important thing is to congratulate you of the choice to purchase healthier ingredients. You are moving in the right direction towards a healthy lifestyle.

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