With my constant research regarding fitness, weight loss, healthy eating and etcetera…I have found a new way to lose weight for those looking for new things to do, especially once a plateau has been hit.Surfing the internet is the latest craze in weight loss tricks.

However, I am a bit skeptical since surfing the internet requires the use of a computer/laptop and usually people are sitting in front of the computer/laptop screen.

So how can one lose weight surfing the internet?

What I have found is that some are feeling that when busy surfing the internet they are not as busy surfing the refrigerator shelves for food.

This is a valid point.In addition, when a person is busy surfing the web, they are not as focused on losing weight as their mind is occupied with other issues, playing games, face booking and twittering are just a few examples of time occupied.

A person can burn 30 calories per hour just by surfing the internet, which is okay and is better than nothing is; but when compared to actually doing a physical activity such as running that burns more than 30 calories per hour, I would venture to say that the hard, physical activity is better than surfing the web.Now in order to lose weight while playing with the computer, a person can also do some simple leg raises and arm exercises.

This keeps the body moving and helps a person continue to keep fitness as part of their routine even when they are working or surfing.According to more reading, people can swap out “unhealthy snacks” for “healthy snacks” while surfing the internet.

People can also choose to drink water, or herbal teas instead of soda and coffee laden with creamer and sugar.Overall, yes surprisingly, there are little ways to lose weight while surfing the web or playing computer games and so on, but remember there are effective ways to losing weight and maintaining your optimum health.

In my honest and personal opinion, I would go for the healthy eating and actual physical fitness to maintain my optimum health. As for each of us individuals, it is our choice what we choose as our fitness program.

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